Myertal Mandela Day

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Kindness begins with understanding that we all struggle, even though our struggles may differ.

Now more than ever, we need to lend a helping hand to our fellow South Africans, and stand together to restore our faith in the power of the human spirit.

We are not only committed to tactical security and protection in South Africa, but to rebuilding our rainbow nation, one act of kindness at a time, with the #67daysofkindness initiative.
Everyone needs kindness, no matter how big or small the act.

For the next 67 days, we challenge you to perform a few random acts of kindness.
Never underestimate the power or kindness, there are strangers that remember you,
because of how kind you were to them.

The point is not to pay kindness back, but to pass it on. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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