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Top security tips to protect your business in holiday season: This coming season can be great for businesses that cater to the big holiday rush where consumers are running around, hunting down deals and spending more than in the average year.

It is vital to be prepared for this exciting time by starting to plan early for any influx and demand.

For those businesses that slow down during this time of the year, plans should also be made for end of year final decisions, project wrap ups and next year solutions.

Top security tips to protect your business in holiday season

One aspect of our top security tips is that you shouldn’t allow to consume this holiday season is the safety of your company. By taking the necessary steps to plan for security measures during the holidays, you can take some time off safely, knowing that your space is completely secure.

Crime Spikes during the Holidays

While all year-round security is very important to consider, this demand increases during the holiday season. The general attacks on the business place have gone up over the years, reaching an all time high in 2017.

The number of business break ins is an average of 57 break ins per day. This is only the figure of reported robberies nationwide, as many robberies go unreported due to lack of trust in the police force.

These robberies are also becoming more organized as criminals plan their attacks with sophisticated precision. These unfortunate statistics must be considered in insuring the protection of your business. Here are some measures one can take to improve overall security.

Start with a risk assessment

Before you make any changes to your business security, it is important to know exactly what to change. Survey your property to pin point weak aspects of your security measures (preferably our top security tips). There may be walls surrounding your area which are low enough to jump, or fences that need mending.

This also includes looking out for ways that criminals can gain access to your information, such as the times you are most vulnerable to attack, and the dates you will be away for the holidays.

If you have already been a victim of crime, understand the situation in its entirety to know the criminal’s tactics, and how to stop these in the future. By knowing more, you can decrease your risk of invasion.

Keeping those risks out

Securing your property against theft becomes a method of habit. As tedious as it may be, locking your doors, closing your windows and setting alarms should be a part of your daily routine.

If you leave your place of business unattended during the holiday, this ritual becomes absolutely vital.

Going around the property, checking that there are no points of unauthorized entry, is just as important as it is to secure your home before going away.

Top security tips: Don’t be concerned if installing necessary precautions like new locks, lighting or alarm systems cost you money, as this can be seen as an investment which protects your bottom line, and could even lower your insurance premiums.

If your business remains open for the larger part of the holidays when you are not around, you should ensure that your staff are properly trained and reliable before you trust your business in their hands.

Everyone that may have had access to your property or information should know the set out protocol for emergencies, and if you have not set this protocol, it might be an important time to do so.

Insider risks

The holiday time might be one where you find out some unpleasant things about your employees and staff. Sometimes the threats to your business can come from the other side of the counter, and can do serious damage while you are away.

If you have not done so already, checking your employee history and background can help prevent unwanted characters around your stock and money. Clear policies should be laid out when it comes to the consequences of theft within the business.

If you have particular business equipment that is used by multiple employees, ensure that responsibility for those items is given to one particular person, as this will give you extra eyes on the premises.

Records and details of every item your business owns should be taken down and stored correctly. When you can’t be around, you should feel safe about the employees you entrust with your business.

Eliminating your holiday safety stress

If all these safety concerns interrupt your feel-good holiday mode, utilising Myertal’s services can help you feel more at ease. Myertal is an advanced CCTV security solution that provides offsite monitoring for your business, 24/7.

If any suspicious activity takes place, Myertal’s smart technology detects the threat, and provides immediate intervention. This plan offers you the most stress-free alternative to all of your holiday safety needs.

Overall, going away should be an exciting aspect of the holiday season, and should not cause you unnecessary stress. Taking the necessary safety precautions before you attempt to leave will help you to take it easy and enjoy your time.

By obtaining greater control over your business and employees during this time, you can achieve success even when you are not around to see it!

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