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Myertal Tactical Security offers offsite CCTV Monitoring solutions to both our commercial and residential clients as the best form of crime prevention in South Africa.

Best Offsite CCTV Monitoring Services in South Africa

Our aim is to provide a solid responsive solution that eliminates human error and unnecessary over spend.

In the past CCTV Monitoring has been used to simply back track an incident and identify suspects, with Myertal’s offsite CTTV Monitoring Solution the incident is flagged as the suspicious behavior is occurring and a response vehicle is deployed within seconds, ultimately leading to crime being prevented.

Technology is the answer to securing South Africa!

In most cases the guard on duty has either been detained by the suspects or is not equipped to assist, this is why Myertal’s offsite CCTV Monitoring solution is the most logical, proactive and inexpensive choice for home and business owners!

Our client’s benefit by linking their new or existing CCTV Monitoring systems to our state-of-the–art offsite control room, monitored by our smart detection technology. We are able to reduce your security spend, saving you money while improving your overall security and providing real peace of mind.

Affordable security is a right , not a privilege!

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